Spousal Sponsorship

The Canadian government allows citizens and permanent residents of Canada to sponsor his or her spouse and dependent children.

Average Processing Time:

The average processing time for Canada’s spousal sponsorship is around 12-18 months.

Canadian Sponsorship Requirements:

  • The sponsor should be 18 years of age or older,

  • Should be a Canadian citizen OR permanent resident,

  • Should be sponsoring your spouse, dependent children

**If sponsor lives in Quebec, sponsor must also meet Quebec’s conditions to be a sponsor, which are listed below:

  • Live in Canada or if residing outside Canada then provide evidence that you will live in Canada,

  • Sign an agreement/undertaking promise with your spouse to provide basic requirements,

  • Prove that you have sufficient income to provide basic requirements to your spouse and dependent children.

Key Benefits:

  • Sponsored person will be able to get Permanent Residence Rights from day 1!

  • Free education for your school children and superior medical facilities

  • Excellent law and order situation.


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