Quebec is the largest province of Canada. It is famous for its rolling hills, vast forests, and countless waterfalls where official language is French. The economy of Quebec is highly industrialized and diversified to enjoy permanent visa status. Through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, successful applicants and their families can obtain Canadian permanent residency status after they receive invitation from government of Quebec Province. The major advantage is the announcement by Quebec government that it will take two rounds of application intake in future. It is therefore expected that the government will accept larger number of applications.

Eligibility requirements for QSW:

The permanent residency program by Quebec government in Canada is for skilled professionals with minimum of 1 year experience in their field of education. Quebec government has fixed point-based system in order to check eligibility of skilled professionals. The profile of applicants is reviewed where minimum of 50 points are required for a single applicant and minimum 59 points are required with an accompanying spouse, if along, under different criteria as:

  • Education

  • Area of training

  • Validated employment offer

  • Work experience

  • Age

  • Language Proficiency

  • Stay and family in Quebec

  • Children

  • Financial self- sufficiency

  • Spouse/common law partner’s Profile

Application Process

  • Evaluation of candidates profile for an eligibility.

  • Candidate registering at Lalani & Associates.

  • Lalani’s team will review the profile and prepare Catalogue of Documents (CoD) for continuing the process.

  • Final review of CSQ (Certificate of Selection Quebec) application before submission with Quebec Immigration Authorities.

  • Issuance of CSQ (Certificate of Selection Quebec).

  • Filing Permanent Residence application with Federal Government of Canada.

  • Issuance of immigration visas

The process of Quebec skilled worker program is not complicated like other programs but has a limited quota of 5,000 applications online. The whole process starting from Certificate of Selection Quebec (CSQ) till issuance of visas takes time up to approximately 2 – 3 years.

The application intake period for this program is currently closed but it is expected to re-open again in April 2017.


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