(This Program is currently suspended and we are not accepting applications)

  • Investment: € 300,000 in government bonds

  • Financing Option: To be announced

  • Net Worth Requirement: Minimum net worth € 500,000

  • Physical Residency: None required

  • Citizenship: After 8 years of Permanent Residence status under current law 

    Immigration to Hungary has been on a rise because this country is considered an ideal destination due to its vibrant and multicultural society, universal health care system and membership in the European Union and the Schengen zone.

    Hungarian citizenship can be obtained through the Hungarian Residency and Citizenship bond program which was introduced in the late 2012 but started its operations in the mid 2013.  This program was established because the Hungarian Government wanted to adopt a contemporary approach in order to attract foreign investment.

    Under this Hungary investor program, the investors are required to acquire “special” residency bonds which are issued and guaranteed by the government and have a maturity of at least 5 years. In order for the investors and their families to be eligible to submit residence permit applications under preferential treatment, the value of these subscribed bonds must be worth at least €300,000. As per the Hungarian immigration law, it is mandatory to acquire these bonds exclusively from companies’ “Residency Bond Agents” who have been granted approval by the Economic and Information Technology Committee within the Hungarian Parliament.

    Eligible Family Members:
    The following family members can be included in an application:

    • Principal Applicant

    • Spouse

    • Dependent children

    • Dependent parents

    Investment Qualifications and Requirements:

    No special qualifications requirements are applicable to foreign investors in respect to minimum personal net worth or management experience. However, the Hungarian administration officers reserve the right to set a simple interview meeting with the applicant, and the procedure for this interview might be randomly applied.

    Citizenship Path:

    According to the current law,  citizenship is offered after 8 years of PR status after passing the basic constitutional studies in Hungarian language. However, amendments are expected in the law which might reduce the residency requirement after the PR status to 5 instead of 8 years.

    Investment Process:

    As mentioned above, to meet the eligibility criterion of this program, a foreign direct investment of €300,000 is required in the purchase of special Hungarian bonds. After completing the maturity period of 5 years, the original capital investment is returned to the investor, excluding any accrued interest or profit. These government bonds are designed especially for this program and trading them on the on the public or the secondary market is forbidden.

    The transaction is subject to a Subscription Agreement with the designated enterprise, which is licensed for the geographic region of the main applicant.

    Due to the recent changes implemented in the Hungarian immigration law, the process has been cut short to one step rather than two. The step entailing the temporary status has been eradicated, and now permanent residence is granted directly to the applicants and their families within one month.

    We invite you to initiate a private and confidential consultation so that we may advise you on the appropriateness of this program based on your personal, family and financial objectives.



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