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Investor & Entrepreneur

For entrepreneurs and small business owners with a net worth in excess of US$1m who do not wish to start new businesses overseas, you may qualify for some of our high net worth programme. Lalani & Associates provides a host of immigration services for entrepreneurs and small business owners who wish to migrate overseas to set up new ventures or businesses.


 Skilled Worker

Canada is facing labour shortages and the Canadian government has introduced numerous migration programs to attract skilled migrants to fill shortages in high demand occupations.


Student Visa application be handled professionally to prevent interruptions in the student’s academic career and ensure that the visa application has a high probability of success. Lalani & Associates can help you with both the admissions and visa process.

Sponsorship and Visit Visa

The Canadian government allows citizens and permanent residents of Canada to sponsor his or her spouse and dependent children and if you wish to visit Canada, you may also have the option to obtain Temporary Resident (visit) Visa, you will be required to submit an application along with relevant supporting documents to satisfy the Visa office the purpose of your visit. We can help you with this service.

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