Immigration consultants of Canada regulatory council (ICCRC)

We are a member of the ICCRC, the National Regulator of Immigration consultants in Canada. The Canadian Government authorizes only those immigration consultants who are Members in good standing of the ICCRC. With the coming into forces of Bill C-35, on June 30, 2011 anyone who provides paid advice prior to the filling of an application or the commencement of a proceeding must be an authorized representative. This means that some third parties who were not formerly required to be recognized to provide paid advice will now have to refer people to an authorized representative or become authorized themselves.

Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC)

We are a member of the CAPIC, the professional organization founded on the four pillars of Education, Information, Lobbying and Recognition, created by the amalgamation of AICC and OPIC. With an immigration history going back to 1986 many important milestone have been achieved, which are worthwhile to recall as they changed the immigration industry greatly, and helped to gain acceptance for an occupation profile ‘Immigration Consultant’!