Lalani & Associates

For over 20 years, our team of qualified and professional associates have successfully handled hundreds of cases in providing investment immigration, residency, and citizenship solutions for countries such as Canada, US, UK, EU Member States (Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal), Caribbean Islands (Saint Kitts & Navis and Antigua & Barbuda), Australia and Malaysia.

Lalani & Associates, a highly reputable consultancy firm within its target market and audience, was launched in 1992 by Sikander Lalani, a partner at the renowned accounting practice Daudally Lalani & Co(established in 1954). This firm was established based on a philosophy that emphasizes professionalism, sincere and candid advice, and high client service standards. Even though our main focus remains on providing immigration, residency and citizenship services, we can also provide additional value to our clients through synergetic services through our sister firms, Daudallu Lalani & Co and Lalani Capital, in the areas of international tax planning soluctions, and in the fields of financial and coporate advisory services.

The firm currently serves its client base out of offices in Karachi, Lahore and Dubai. By leveraging its international business and governmental network in North America, Europe, Pakistan and the Middle East, Lalani & Associates is positioned to successfully execute its clientele’s strategic objectives.

Our CEO, SIkander Lalani is a seasoned Chartered Accountant, an authorized immigration consultant (ICCRC) and a respected professional in his field who leads an experienced and highly professional team. The team has global experience in financial services/investment banking, management consulting, infrastructure and government and possesses educational credentials from world class institutions such as McGill University to execute the firm’s service offerings.


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